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Menno Reimer

With specialized training in silviculture work, can do logging in small lots, own portable mill for sawing lumber

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Number of years in business2
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Number of Services2
Certifications or Qualifications1
LocationColchester, Nova Scotia
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Selection Harvesting

Selection harvesting is a treatment used in uneven-aged forest management in which either single trees or small groups of trees are harvested at a time. The goal is to maintain the canopy of a forest stand while still being able to continually harvest timber. This is done by diversifying tree age classes, encouraging regeneration, and leaving some of the best trees as seed trees.

Counties: Colchester
Lot Sizes: under 5 acres

Portable Mill

It is becoming increasingly more efficient for some contractors to provide portable milling services to customers rather than shipping logs greater distances. Portable mills are smaller, lighter, and easier to move between locations than stationary models. They generally use either a band or circular blade and can provide custom milling services to woodlot owners, often being able to cut lengths and widths of logs that larger industrial mills cannot or will not take.

Counties: Colchester
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres, 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres


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This service provider prefers contact by telephone, please call (902) 657-2292.

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Company NameMenno Reimer
Contact NameMenno Reimer
Phone(902) 657-2292
Street370 Lake Road
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeB0K 1V0


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