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Wilson Forestry

We are a small family forestry operation that specializes in custom harvesting. We prefer to do patch cutting as opposed to clear cuts and try to work with the landowner's objectives. We can take our time as opposed to working at the industrial rate. References available as well as past work sites that can be viewed. Travel within an hour of home.

Company Details

Number of years in business33
Number of employees3
Number of Services8
Certifications or Qualifications6
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia
Payment OptionsCash,Cheque


Tree Removal

Tree removal generally refers to the removal of a single tree or very small group of trees, often in an urban setting, that is/are causing safety concerns or is/are diseased, dying, or dead. Tree removal is a service offered by arborists.

Lot Sizes:

Silviculture Contractor

Silvicultural contractors provide a variety of woodlot management services, not just harvesting. These can include selection harvesting, thinning, road building, wildlife management, management planning, boundary line work, and many others.

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Selection Harvesting

Selection harvesting is a treatment used in uneven-aged forest management in which either single trees or small groups of trees are harvested at a time. The goal is to maintain the canopy of a forest stand while still being able to continually harvest timber. This is done by diversifying tree age classes, encouraging regeneration, and leaving some of the best trees as seed trees.

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Precommercial Thinning

Precommercial thinning (PCT) is done in overstocked stands of younger trees to free up space and resources for selected trees and improve overall stand quality. PCT treatments are done in both natural stands and plantations. The goal is to remove less desirable trees (like non-crop species, or damaged and diseased trees) as well as create appropriate spacing in the stand for healthy, higher quality trees to grow. PCT work is generally done manually with clearing or thinning saws.

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Lot Clearing

Characterized by removing the forest cover from an area where a land use change is desired by the owner, such as conversion to agricultural, commercial, or residential land. This can include removal of all forest vegetation, stumps, debris, and sometimes top soil.

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Logging Contractor

Specializing in managing for, harvesting, and trucking mature logs to sell to sawmills. This can include pulp and stud wood as well.

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Commercial Harvest

A commercial harvest is completed with the goal of harvesting and selling the final timber product (saw logs, etc.). It is the final stage in commercial forest management, taking place several years after precommercial thinning and commercial thinning treatments.

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Commercial Thinning

Ideal for middle-aged stands, commercial thinning removes some of the more mature trees to allow room for others to grow, and to open up the canopy for regeneration. The trees removed are often those that are: damaged or diseased; growing too close to desirable trees; or less desirable species.

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    Liability Insurance
    Has current Liability Insurance.
    BMP Training
    Have completed Best Management Practices training relevant to the Acadian Forest Region.
    FSSNS Core Program
    Have completed the Core Program of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Clearing Saw
    Certification for clearing saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Other Qualifications

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Contact Details

Company NameWilson Forestry
Contact NameJohn Wilson
Phone(902) 384-2329
Street444 Glenmore Rd
TownMiddle Musquodoboit
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeB0N 1X0


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