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Avon Ridge Forestry Services

Sales of firewood and to provide low impact,environmentally friendly, small scale forestry. Offer services to the following: Municipal/Private trail systems, Dept of Natural Resources, Campground owners, Woodlot owners etc...My goal is to promote and provide low impact, sustainable forestry while leaving very little foot print on the forest.

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Lot Clearing

Characterized by removing the forest cover from an area where a land use change is desired by the owner, such as conversion to agricultural, commercial, or residential land. This can include removal of all forest vegetation, stumps, debris, and sometimes top soil.

Counties: Kings, Hants
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres

Mechanical Site Preparation

Mechanical site preparation is often used after clearcut or partial cut treatments to prepare the ground for planting or natural regeneration. Seedlings need certain conditions to grow properly, and large machinery can sometimes be used to create or encourage the desired conditions.

Counties: Kings, Hants
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres

Boundary Line Work

Knowing where your boundaries are is an important step in woodlot management. Contractors will often mark woodlot boundaries by using flagging tape or painting blazes on trees along the boundary lines and removing brush from the lines to promote line visibility.

Counties: Kings, Hants
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres

Selection Harvesting

Selection harvesting is a treatment used in uneven-aged forest management in which either single trees or small groups of trees are harvested at a time. The goal is to maintain the canopy of a forest stand while still being able to continually harvest timber. This is done by diversifying tree age classes, encouraging regeneration, and leaving some of the best trees as seed trees.

Counties: Kings, Hants
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres

Tree Removal

Tree removal generally refers to the removal of a single tree or very small group of trees, often in an urban setting, that is/are causing safety concerns or is/are diseased, dying, or dead. Tree removal is a service offered by arborists.

Counties: Kings, Hants
Lot Sizes: under 5 acres, 5 to 10 acres


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This service provider prefers contact by telephone, please call (902) 352-2143.

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