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Clarks Ever-Green Forestry

Silviculture Contractor and Forest Technician providing silviculture treatments on eligible privately owned woodlots in Nova Scotia, through Registered Wood Buyers and Sawmill Operators;treatment primarily is "pre-commercial thinning", 25 years in the business.Counties include Hants, Colchester and Halifax. Call or email Alan for more information.

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Number of years in business25
Number of employees4
Number of Services3
Certifications or Qualifications8
LocationColchester, Nova Scotia
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Silviculture Contractor

Silvicultural contractors provide a variety of woodlot management services, not just harvesting. These can include selection harvesting, thinning, road building, wildlife management, management planning, boundary line work, and many others.

Lot Sizes:

Precommercial Thinning

Precommercial thinning (PCT) is done in overstocked stands of younger trees to free up space and resources for selected trees and improve overall stand quality. PCT treatments are done in both natural stands and plantations. The goal is to remove less desirable trees (like non-crop species, or damaged and diseased trees) as well as create appropriate spacing in the stand for healthy, higher quality trees to grow. PCT work is generally done manually with clearing or thinning saws.

Lot Sizes:

Boundary Line Work

Knowing where your boundaries are is an important step in woodlot management. Contractors will often mark woodlot boundaries by using flagging tape or painting blazes on trees along the boundary lines and removing brush from the lines to promote line visibility.

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    Other Qualifications
    First Aid with CPR and AED
    Registered with WCB
    Registered with the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
    3rd Party Audited Safety Program
    Has safety program reviewed by 3rd party auditing.
    Clearing Saw
    Certification for clearing saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    Have completed the required training to offer, handle, or transport dangerous goods and have received the relevant training certificate.
    FSSNS Core Program
    Have completed the Core Program of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.
    Liability Insurance
    Has current Liability Insurance.

This service provider prefers contact by email, please use the link below.

Contact Details

Company NameClarks Ever-Green Forestry
Contact NameAlan Clark
Phone(902) 899-5684
StreetNormandy Avenue
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal Codeb2n3j6


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