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We operate 2/ TimberJack 608S Harvesters, 2/ TimberJack 1210B 8 wheele drive Porters, 1/ 140 Hyundai Exc. with chipper head or bucket, a John Deere 4x4 Backhoe and a D3 Cat dozer.We follow All mill and DNR guide lines. We operate as enviromently frendly as possible. We have worked on a number of FSC managed propertys to date. Russell/Cell 565-8487

Company Details

Number of years in business50
Number of employees5
Number of Services7
Certifications or Qualifications6
LocationCape Breton, Nova Scotia
Payment OptionsCash,Cheque


Selection Harvesting

Selection harvesting is a treatment used in uneven-aged forest management in which either single trees or small groups of trees are harvested at a time. The goal is to maintain the canopy of a forest stand while still being able to continually harvest timber. This is done by diversifying tree age classes, encouraging regeneration, and leaving some of the best trees as seed trees.

Counties: Victoria, Richmond, Cape Breton
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Road Building

Roads are useful when doing silvicultural harvesting and other treatments, as well as for recreational and other purposes. Often, woodlots will have old roads that need to be maintained or will require the construction of new ones. This can include lot clearing and chipping (harvesting poorer quality wood for biomass energy).

Counties: Cape Breton
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Lot Clearing

Characterized by removing the forest cover from an area where a land use change is desired by the owner, such as conversion to agricultural, commercial, or residential land. This can include removal of all forest vegetation, stumps, debris, and sometimes top soil.

Counties: Cape Breton
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, over 10 acres, under 5 acres

Commercial Harvest

A commercial harvest is completed with the goal of harvesting and selling the final timber product (saw logs, etc.). It is the final stage in commercial forest management, taking place several years after precommercial thinning and commercial thinning treatments.

Counties: Cape Breton, Victoria, Richmond
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Crop Tree Release

This treatment is used to promote the growth of desirable crop trees. The trees around selected crop trees are thinned out to allow the more desirable trees more space and nutrients, which in turn can increase the health and future value of the stand.

Counties: Cape Breton, Richmond
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Commercial Thinning

Ideal for middle-aged stands, commercial thinning removes some of the more mature trees to allow room for others to grow, and to open up the canopy for regeneration. The trees removed are often those that are: damaged or diseased; growing too close to desirable trees; or less desirable species.

Counties: Cape Breton
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres


Chipping is a method of removing brush and branches from a stand after some types of treatment. Branches and small trees are fed into a chipper, which shreds them into small chips. These chips can be left in the woodlot as nutrients or removed and used for other purposes like home heating or livestock bedding.

Counties: Cape Breton, Victoria, Richmond
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres, 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres


    Other Qualifications
    Registered with WCB
    Registered with the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    FSSNS Core Program
    Have completed the Core Program of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.
    BMP Training
    Have completed Best Management Practices training relevant to the Acadian Forest Region.
    Liability Insurance
    Has current Liability Insurance.

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Contact Details

Company NameMB Pulp Limited
Contact NameRussell Huntington
Phone(902) 727-2306
Street2340 Hillside Road
TownMarion Bridge
CountyCape Breton
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeB1K-1C4


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